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What We Do

We have everything you need to launch and grow a successful business on top of the latest cloud technologies.

Be global

We guarantee the most cost-efficient and highly available solutions that fit exaclty for your needs. A country, region or the whole planet - we help you make your customers happy wherever they are.

Do it agile

We are fans of the rapid development and the covering of the business needs as soon as possible. We dream about your business growth and will build for you any kind of infrastructure in any size.

Use Latest Technologies

Containers or serverless. AR or VR. Artificial intelligence or big data. Clever CI/CD pipelines. You name it and we'll build it for you. Dream big and make the things happen. Create the future.

Who We Are

We are a group of technology driven individuals passionate about creating scalable and cost-efficient cloud infrastructures.

Daniel Manchev

Daniel Manchev

Architecture Consultant (AWS)

Georgi Velinov

Georgi Velinov

Cloud Engineering Consultant (AWS)

Martin Nikolov

Martin Nikolov

Architecture Consultant (Azure)

Valentin Georgiev

Valentin Georgiev

Cloud Engineering Consultant (multi-cloud)

Filip Getskov

Filip Getskov

Architecture Consultant (Google Cloud)

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1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

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